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Brunswick Lift Rentals Ltd. is excited to announce our newly acquired partnership with Hangcha  Canada.  Hangcha Canada is not only reliable, but also affordable, and we are thrilled to be able to bring that to our clients in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

We are here for you all your Hangcha Canada needs, whether it is rentals, sales or service - we're here to help!


Hangcha History

Hangcha is a leading full line forklift manufacturer in China and among top 8 manufacturers in the world. Since 1974, Hangcha devoted itself into forklift business only. Nowadays Hangcha has over 4,200 employees and sells over 200,000 brand new forklifts per year.

Hangcha Fleet

There is an extensive fleet of forklifts to meet all of your forklift needs. With a wide variety of lift capacity starting at 3000lbs, going all the way to 105,000lbs! Countless ways to power the equipment - there is electric with a lead acid battery, electric lithium ion battery, diesel, gas, and/or propane.


To see a full line of what Hangcha has to offer please click on the below logo to direct you to their website

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